Mission Statement

egpaedit2.jpgAcademy Ethos

To be a caring school where we expect to be challenged in our learning and to do our best at all times.

‘Be the best you can be’


  • To enable children to strive for excellence both academically and personally.
  • To equip children with understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to their future life.
  • To instil personal, spiritual and moral values, and tolerance of all religions, races and cultures.
  • To provide a safe environment for children, parents and all adults in the school where community links can be encouraged and maintained.

East Garforth Primary Academy fosters friendship, co-operation and high quality learning in a caring environment so that each individual has the opportunity to work towards his or her full potential.

Vision Statement

To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment for all pupils on the first step of their school journey. Our Core Values of: Independence, Positive Relationships, Engagement and Enjoyment are at the heart of all we do.


Our Rules:

1. Be safe

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Responsible


Our Motto: