Scotland Day December 2017

We aim to develop children's understanding of different cultures and beliefs alongside our history and geography, art, design and music curriculum. The children will expereince different International Themed Days throughout the year as well as delivering subject specific skills through our daily curriculum.

This half term our International Day has been Scotland. We created a carousel that children accessed throughout the day. They visited different teachers to deepen their knowledge and we also had a visit from a dance instructor who taught the children about Scottish Dancing.

The activities that the chidlren expereinced were:

  • Scottish Dancing (Ceilidh)
  • Scottish Folk Singing
  • Significant Scottish People from History
  • Scottish food tasting (oatcakes, porridge, shortbread)
  • Designing a family tartan
  • History of the Loch Ness Monster
  • Tennis (as championed by Andy Murrey)
  • Edinburgh Castle Art
  • Scottish Geography through map work, flags and the National Anthem

It was a fantastic day and the children were engrossed in their work through fun and inspiring activities. We are looking forward to our next International Day in the New Year!