World Peace Flame

Garforth is the home to England's one and only Peace Flame.

This inititive aims to spread a message of peace in our own community.

Fiona and Sue volunteers from Garforth in Bloom, who also work to promote the message of the Peace Flame, visited us to promote their Peace Package.

We had a wonderful whole school assemebly where we learnt that if we create peace around us we can be the peace we want to see in the world.

Fiona and Sue then worked with Year 6 who are currently studying World War 2 to discuss peace. The Year 6's decided that they would like to develop Peace Walls in their classrooms, each day the wall is cleared and new positive messages are written by the children to inspire their friends. 

Each child in school went home with a tealight that had been lit from the original Peace Flame and the school recieved a large flame to light during assemblies. 

To fnd out more about the World Peace Flame please visit: