Ethos & Values

Welcome to East Garforth Primary Academy. We hope your child will be very happy here and that we are at the beginning a strong partnership with you.

On the 1st September 2013, East Garforth Primary School became East Garforth Primary Academy (EGPA). EGPA is located in the outer east side of Leeds in the community of Garforth and works in partnership with the Delta Academies Trust (Delta).

The academy strongly believes in giving individual attention to the needs of the children in our care. We support the development of lifelong learners through our expectations and core values. It is our mission to offer every child a high quality education in a supportive, safe and challenging environment in which they feel valued and are inspired to become life-long learners who aim to ‘be the best they can be’.

Good relationships exist with local partnerships including the Garforth Family of schools and other Leeds schools as well as other academies within the Delta Academies Trust group. Making the decision on which school to send your child is not an easy one.  We understand that this has to be carefully thought out considering what is right for you and your child.  We warmly invite you to make an appointment to view the academy and discuss with us your child’s needs.

We encourage the children to ‘Be the best they can be‘ by following our behaviour expectations and embracing our core values.

Behaviour Expectations
Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Respectful

Our Core Values


We encourage all of our children to be resilient; to never give up even when things can be difficult. We believe that all children should keep trying to ‘Be the best they can be’. We support them to overcome challenges, bounce back from setbacks and embrace the internal motivation to keep trying and never give up.


We believe that all pupils should be aware of the choices they will face in the future and be able to make informed decisions about further education and careers pathways. Pupils are supported to explore a wide range of options and are exposed to careers which they may be unaware of; or unsure of what they involve. We want all of our pupils to make the most of every experience and know that their future and career can take many directions; and be aware of new opportunities in an ever-changing world.


Pupils should be considerate of the people and the world around them. They should be aware and respectful of the beliefs of others while maintaining an inquistive nature to further their understanding. They should be aware of relevant news and events from a local, national and global context and the effects of this. Pupils should engage in discussion and debate in a way which encourages others to share but in which mutual and respectful challenge can occur. Pupils should be considerate to the feelings of others; and be aware of how to support those that need it.