Academy Advisory Board Contact Information

Delta is a charitable company subject to company law and it is a not for profit organisation.  Delta is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and the Delta Board of Directors is the legal governing body of the MAT.  Board members act collectively: with the exception of the Chief Executive they do not have individual executive authority.  The Board has delegated to the Chief Executive all responsibility for the day-to–day management of the company.   The Board of Directors (BoD) sets out Delta group strategy and operational policy in key areas which are then applied within and across all its academies through Principals and Academy Advisory Bodies (AABs). 

The EGPA Academy Advisory Body Structure and Membership

The role of the Academy Advisory Body is to:

Ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Academy are clearly defined

  • Monitoring the educational performance of the Academy and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the Academy
  • Appointing staff and ensuring the implementation of personnel procedures
  • Determining the aims, policies and priorities of the Academy
  • Monitoring and evaluating the work of the Academy
  • Setting statutory and non-statutory targets
  • Securing high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour
  • Ensuring all Academy children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Ensuring the health and safety of pupils and staff

East Garforth Primary Academy AAB Members:

Academy Senior Executive PrincipalMrs T Bartle
Head of Academy Ex-Officio MemberMr S Cooke
Delta Academies Trust Appointed – Parent memberPhil Lang (Chair)
Delta Academies Trust Appointed – Parent memberPaul Mitchell
Delta Academies Trust AppointedMaria Wray
Delta Academies Trust Appointed Louise Taylor
Office Manager Ex-Officio MemberJoan Whale
Clerk Wendi Thompson


The AAB operates a committee system which allows for more detailed work to be carried out by AAB members.  The Committees meet prior to each AAB meeting.  Chairs of committees report to the AAB.

Resources (Staffing, Finance, Premises, Health & Safety, Policy)

S Cooke,  J Whale, P Lang (Chair), M Wray, P Mitchell, L Taylor, Delta Finance, Delta HR

Chair of Governors Contact Details

Please address all correspondence to:

Mr P Lang
c/o East Garforth Primary Academy
Aberford Road
LS25 2HF